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We take great pride in providing families with intelligent, balanced, and healthy puppies.  Below are testimonials from families who have adopted our puppies.   

Additional testimonials can be found on our Google Reviews page.

"I cant believe we have had our wonderful dog for six months already, time flies. He is growing up to be a very handsome boy and was a breeze to train, very smart and people oriented."

"Thanks for being so conscientious and ethical in your approach to your business. Additionally, it means so much to see how much you love all of your dogs and puppies! I encourage anyone interested in adding a labrador puppy to their family to check out Johnson Point Labradors! Amanda and Bill and their whole family participate in breeding and raising beautiful, healthy, and adaptable puppies. They take the responsibility of raising puppies very seriously. Amanda is incredibly responsive to inquiries and questions. She shares regular updates regarding the progress of pregnancies and puppies every step of the way so you are well-informed and feel a part of the whole thing. Lots of amazing pictures, too!! Our puppy is now 5 months old and such an incredible addition to our family. Thank you Johnson Point Labradors!"

"We could not be happier with our puppy. He is perfect.  He did a puppy socialization class where he got to play with other dogs, then the AKC STAR puppy class was all about teaching commands/recall/walking on leash.  He finished his AKC STAR puppy course and he was the star student.  the teacher said he could skip the next course and go on to a more advanced level!"

"We had a wonderful experience when getting our chocolate lab from start to finish. We enjoyed the updates along the way and felt Amanda was very open and honest during our experience. We get so many compliments on what a good looking puppy we have. She is so sweet and spunky and is so good with kids! I would highly recommend Johnson Point!"

"She is such a delight to everyone she meets, to each animal she plays with. We love her so much.… she has become such a part of the family. Each one visiting looks forward to seeing her!  She is gentle, loving, mischievous, very funny, eager for every day… filled with hope and love. You are doing a wonderful service to the world in your skills and knowledge and love in raising puppies!"
"We really appreciate the thoughtful way you breed and raise your puppies.  Everything about your operation is first class.  Thank you for all the information you send out, and the pictures, and the updates.  Don't know how you do it."

"Where to start? First, we cannot express how grateful we are to have worked with Amanda! She was on point from day 1 and this was a working process the past few months. We have never experienced such wonderful Customer Service until we met Amanda. She has the kindest heart and she was so thorough in her emails and responded every time we reached out to her. I would recommend this breeder to anyone over a thousand times! We are so happy to have found this breeder and now we own an 8 week chocolate lab who we can’t wait to love on forever! Thank you Amanda! You do your work very well and we honor you for that!"

"He is such a people lover.  He wants to please.  He has already learned a lot of rules but still just has to let out that puppy in him sometimes.  : )"

"Thank you for being such an amazing breeder who pours your heart into bringing these beautiful dogs into the world. You are definitely blessing people’s lives!"

"She brings our family so much JOY!!! She loves people, playing keep away and going for long walks, among other things. Thank you Johnson Point Labradors for bringing so much love into our home!"

"He has been such an amazing addition to our family. He is growing fast and learns more and more everyday. He can sit, lay down, stay, come, catch treats and frisbees (a bit farther and farther away each week), and so many other fun things. He has slept through the night since night two and has been fully potty trained for about 7 weeks now. He is a very socialized puppy and loves to be outdoors. Thank you for all that you did to make it possible for us to welcome a happy and healthy puppy into our home." 

"She is the turning out to be the best water/boat dog. She loves it, was quick to potty train on the boat and loves to play with the kids. Best dog ever! I think  a few more lessons on the paddle board and she will have that down too. I have been so impressed with how trainable she has been."

"I bet it's a huge change for you having the puppies move into their new homes. You have such a perfect space for them! You guys did such an amazing job! She is very well behaved, obedient and socialized. She loves to please and is already sitting and staying on command and she even comes  when she's called.  She's bring a lot of joy to our family."

"She’s very playful with my other dogs and loves to swim. I take her every day with me to work. She is very outgoing. Nothing seems to scare her. She wants to ride on the 4 wheeler, excavator and golf cart always. In the morning she always comes back in the house wet from playing in the sprinklers."

"He is doing great! He got his first training vest today. He has mastered sit, down, circle, and shake and is eager to learn more!He is doing great! He has mastered sit, down, circle, and shake and is eager to learn more!"

"I took him to the vet Friday to establish care my vet was so impressed with how you are as a breeder and all the records you kept for the pups. I want to just thank you again for being an amazing breeder and taking care of your dogs and litters so well! "

"He is a sweet, loving boy.  He has learned to go to bed in his crate at night.  He is so interested in life.  He is such a people lover.  He wants to please.  He has already learned a lot of rules but still has to let out that puppy in him sometimes.  : )  "

"Thank you!  She is fabulous and seems super happy.  Thanks for being so fabulously thorough with every detail and in preparing her for her new home. She seemed super ready to move right in and has had very little trouble getting used to her crate. She likes it and sleeps easily through the night, with one wake up usually."

"She is such a sweet, energetic, curious, smart, and adorable pup! .... we adore her."

"My son loves him, and he adores my son.  He's such a wonderful pup. He's a perfect fit for our family.  He's such a love"

"She  has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our home! Her disposition is such a great combination of sweet and cuddly and spunky and curious.  She is really everything I had hoped for!" 

 "Our family can't thank you enough for him! He is exactly what our family was missing and we can tell you and your family have given him such a great start at life!"

"Our puppy is a sweet, loving boy.  He has learned to go to bed in his crate at night without howling. He is so interested in life. He loves to fetch or just catch a tennis ball.  He prefers to have 2 in his mouth at once.  : )  He is doing really well in his training.  He is very curious and notices everything."

"She loves her backyard in Seattle. She weighed in at 50 lbs last week. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known."