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We do not currently have any puppies available. (10/28/20)

Adopting one of our Labrador puppies begins with placing your name on our puppy waiting list.  Our policy is to place names on a waiting list in the order in which they are received. The waiting list establishes pick order and holds a puppy until individual selections can be made during the puppy's sixth week of age.  A $100.00 refundable deposit is made to establish a position on the waiting list.  Information about our planned litters can be viewed on the upcoming litters page.  

Litters are usually sold before they are born. We do encourage you to contact us early and let us know what you are looking for in a puppy and secure a spot on the waiting list. Every effort is made to keep everyone updated on important milestones-such as a female coming into season, when an ultrasound confirms pregnancy, pups are born, etc.  To place a deposit, please utilize this Waiting List Form or contact us directly. 

We must all understand that as animals, sometimes we see delayed cycles, females who come in early, have small litters and other factors that are not what we would have expected.  If a litter is born and your first choice is not available, you have the option of changing your preference to a puppy that is available, waiting for a different litter, or having your deposit refunded. Once the litter arrives, we will send each person on the waiting list a detailed message and then begin regular updates. 

Once a litter reaches six weeks of age, each puppy is evaluated and personalities are outlined. We strive to match the personalities of the puppies with the appropriate family.   We assist you in making puppy selections based on your preference for color, gender, and personality or training goals and any observations we have made doing our interactions with the litter.  We have spent years with our parent dogs and countless hours with these puppies.  We learn a great deal about them and share our observations with you in order to help you make the most informed choice possible.

Along with the information we have gathered about your preferences, we note subtle differences in the puppies and identify which puppy would be the best match for your family.  There is no "first pick" puppy that is best for all families. We look at each individual puppy and each individual family in order to make the best pairing. It is in everyone's best interests- yours, ours, and the puppy's- to ensure that to the best of our knowledge the puppy is placed in the most ideal situation.  A $200.00 deposit is then placed to reserve a particular puppy.   Once this deposit is made and a Lab puppy is selected, it is a commitment to adopt a dog and is therefore non-refundable. Puppies will stay with the litter until they reach eight weeks of age and have been given a clean bill of health from a veterinarian.  

We do not require a formal adoption application or contract before selecting one of our puppies. Instead,

we ask that each prospective owner read through our list of Adoption Considerations before deciding to bring a puppy into their lives.  Information about how we raise puppies can be found on the Our Setup page and the How Your Puppy is Raised page. We are located in Olympia, Washington in zip code 98516.  

Photographs and videos of each litter are shared weekly on our Facebook page and the current litters page.  Photos of our adult dogs can be found in the gallery as well as footage on the videos page.   Photos of past litters are available for viewing as well.   Information on pricing can be found on the pricing page.

Our puppies go home with the following: -Basic information and guidance packet-AKC registration packet and 3 generation pedigree, Health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, 4 de-wormings and first vaccination, microchip, dewclaws removed, health records and two year health guarantee, sales contract, puppy food starter pack, a blanket, collar, and a bag of toys.     

We are always available for any questions that may arise after taking your puppy home. We provide breeder support for life and hope to be updated periodically on your puppy's progress.