Sloan, Zinc, Hope, the Cats & the Farm Animals

Support Staff-

Sloan is the first Labrador we owned as a couple.  She has been with us through every move, birth, and life change in our marriage and has shown nothing but loyalty, love, and obedience.  As a puppy she was exuberant, energetic, and mischievous-but soon mellowed into a relaxed and trustworthy companion.  **Edit: We lost Sloan in April 2020 and are still feeling her loss. She had such a presence in our lives and is missed daily.  The couch is empty, the living room still, and our hearts ache.  

Zinc is our Australian Cattle dog-raised in a pack of Labradors yet always managing to assert her independence and unique personality.  She is agile, swift, and quick and uses her size to outmaneuver the Labradors. Watchful and wary, she lacks the universal trust and friendliness of a Labrador but is extremely loyal and biddable.

Hope is our eldest daughter's golden retriever.  Despite growing up in an extended family of Labrador people and with a mother that breeds Labs-she fell in love with golden's and could not be convinced otherwise.  Hope is her faithful companion-joyful, bouncy, and with eyes only for her special owner.  They spend their days and nights together and bring each other such comfort and happiness.  Hope spends most of her time with her owner, but sometimes romps with the Labradors and engages in a game of keep away with a favorite toy-always fun to watch!

The Cats: Prince, Willow, Eclipse and Shadow-  Our middle child has the pleasure of growing up as the sole cat person in a family of dog lovers.  She wears the badge with pride and stands up for cats in the many conversations about dogs that occur in our household.  

A ferret, goats, ducks, chickens & a bearded dragon:  An animal enthusiast to the core, I love raising our children around these animals. These animals help to socialize our puppies and older dogs, but also provide endless entertainment.