Our retired dogs

   Emerson is a female chocolate Labrador-wise beyond her years while still playful and full of joy. She is incredibly loyal and obedient, a beta in the pack that smoothly moves between groups and activities.  Neon is energetic and very good natured-a wonderful blend of the Labrador energy, grace and even temper that makes them such wonderful companions.    

     Emerson is an American style Labrador-average height for a Lab with an athletic and muscular frame.  Her distinctive eyes are immediately noticed when you look at her, as well as the genuine curiosity and intelligence that her eyes communicate when you meet her soulful gaze. Her parents are avid hunters and she has the discipline, focus, and easy to train personality that they exhibit. .


     Arlow is our only true English Labrador and is the most docile, relaxed, and patient dog that we have ever had.  Gentle, smart and very easy to train, she is happiest sitting at your side instead of patrolling the property or running with the other dogs.  Iridium is wise beyond her years, and has a calm temperament that stands out among the others. Her mellow and level headed approach to every situation endear her to everyone that meets her.  

     Arlow has the thick, stocky muscular build and wider head typical of an English Labrador.  She is of average Labrador height. Broad and strong, she is not as agile and active as our American Labs. She runs with grace and purpose- but not as swiftly and athletically as her American Labrador pack mates.  Iridium's kindly eyes look at you and communicate her mellow temperament.



Nobel is the epitome of an English Labrador.  She is a chocolate female Labrador who is rivals Iridium as the most mellow dog in our pack.  Her calm, relaxed demeanor never wavers and her soulful eyes give her gentle spirit away. While other dogs her age are playing, I often find her by my side looking up at me- wishing for affection.  When she is ready to play, she is joyful and energetic but she is never overly exuberant and does not jump or bark.  Nobel is willing to please, learns quickly, and is easily biddable.
   Nobel is slightly below average height for a Labrador and of average weight. She possesses the thick, stocky body typical of English Labs.  She has soft amber eyes and the wide and blocky head that makes English Labs so identifiable. There is an understanding in her eyes that portrays her intelligence and even temperament.


Silver is the matriarch of our breeding program and our alpha dog.  She is respected among the pack and the first to get the new toy, food, or the best spot to rest in.  Easily trained and clever, with a streak of strong willed intelligence that has endeared her to us.  Silver is always alert outside and keenly aware of actions around the house, but once inside is content to let down her guard on the couch.  Retired and living with Bill's uncle in Orange County California.


Loyal and patient, Lithium has a way of connecting with those she encounters.  She is the first to greet you, will unwaveringly follow you, and meet your gaze even after the others have gone to rest.  She is happiest by your side and always keeps her human in sight. Brave, smart, and affable- she is outgoing and curious in her approach to life. Her nature is submissive and gentle. Lithium is an excellent jogging partner-obedient and relaxed on leash, happy to be in your company. Retired and living with Bill's mom in Orange, California