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     Our philosophy begins with the idea that any dog we breed should be one that our family would want to own.  The dogs are raised on 2 plus acres in Olympia, Washington.  Our focus is on family dogs that are mild tempered, intelligent, adaptable, and healthy. Each dog we own was selected based on their own temperament and the temperament of their parents.   The dogs are purebred AKC registered Labrador Retrievers and each litter is registered with the AKC. Our dogs lead mentally and physically healthy lives and we make sure that each of our litters are bred from parents who have proven to be excellent family dogs.  

    Johnson Point Labradors (JPL) was started by Amanda Rich 6 years ago.  Amanda had been around Labradors most of her life, the first one coming into her life as a child.  When she and her husband bought their first home and began the process of getting a dog, they looked at every breed and the obvious choice was a Labrador.  They purchased a black Labrador puppy and added a yellow Labrador rescue months later.  Ten years, three children and a move up the coast later and they began looking into getting another dog.  They looked at each and every breed again and unanimously chose another Labrador.  Her belief was that they are the perfect family dog-an equal blend of intelligence, loyalty, trainability and beauty.

   Amanda's passion for breeding Labradors began years ago with an unfortunate experience with a poorly bred puppy.  She realized that a breeder carries an immense responsibility to prepare a puppy for a life with a new family.  A good dog begins years before a puppy is whelped and it was her goal to produce excellent family dogs.  Thus began Johnson Point Labradors.

   As many of you know, Amanda passed away on November 9, 2020.  Over the last few months, her Mom, Cindy Chapman and her assistant, Georgette (G) Baker transitioned into taking over the business and are now the owner/operators for Johnson Point Labradors.  Amanda taught both of us her philosophies about breeding and raising Labradors.  We continue to operate with the same philosophies and high standards established by Amanda.

   Georgette - before JPL, my husband Tom and I owned all rescue dogs except for 1.  We bred Pomeranians for several years.  We have always been animal lovers and have owned many animals to include cats, birds and rabbits.  My animal background really began with working/volunteering in dog rescue for 13 years.  Working with several different animal rescue organizations throughout the years.  I truly credit the rescues with teaching me more about dog ownership, responsibilities, care, maintenance, etc.  I did not own any Labs when I first started with Amanda.  Now - we own 2 Labradors.  Yes, they are Johnson Point Labradors.

   With Amanda's loss, I went from working in the yards with the dogs to the chair in front of the computer.  Learning what Amanda did with our clients, vendors, etc.  The amount of communication, emails, text messages, voice messages and phone calls - I gained a whole new respect for Amanda.  Different from what I had before, more profound with more understanding for the whole kennel operations.  There are way more "pieces" to the operations that I had previously known or worked with.  I will always be grateful to Amanda for hiring me first, then providing me with the best training I could have asked for & didn't realize I needed at the time.  When she would ask me how I liked working here - my answer was always: "I am exactly where I should be".  And this holds even more true now.  She gave me a true gift that I will always be thankful for.

    Cindy - my husband James (Amanda's father) and I have always loved dogs and soon after starting our family, we got our first dog - a Labrador.  We soon added a German Shepard to the family and raised the two dogs alongside our children in Southern California.  Both dogs lived to old age and passed away shortly before we moved to Washington.  After settling in here we knew we wanted another dog in our life, so of course we looked for another Labrador!  Recently we added another Labrador to our family - yes, a JPL Labrador and are enjoying the two labs immensely.

  We were not surprised that Amanda had chosen to raise Labradors knowing of her love for the breed.  During the past couple years I spent time with Amanda in her business, helping with the puppies to start, playing with them and preparing the puppy bags that go home with them.  Gradually I spent more and more time with her in the business learning her philosophies and business strategy (from what items to order to dealing with vendors and clients to which dogs to breed at which time).

   With the tragic loss of Amanda, I pitched in to assist Georgette to keep the business going during this transition.  This included delving into her computer system (emails, ordering, puppy waiting lists, dealing with vendors, vaccinations, etc, etc.), along with the incredible amount of email and voice messages that needed to be returned.  I also began learning about the actual kennel operations.  It was a new venture for me, and I was amazed and proud of what Amanda had accomplished in her business.  When the time came to decide on continuing the business, it was a no brainer for me.  My love of dogs combined with wanting to continue the legacy of my daughter made the decision easy.  So, we began work on dog barns and a puppy barn and play areas for the dogs and have successfully moved all the dogs to our home in Olympia (just south of Tumwater).  
    We believe that nature and nurture both play a large role in the foundation of a good Labrador. Temperament is passed on through the parents and early experiences shape the dog's personality.  Our dogs are carefully chosen based on the environments they were bred in, the temperaments of their parents, and their individual personalities.  Both the sire and the dam have been selected due to their excellent temperaments, trainability, intelligence and appearance.  It is our belief that a puppy raised in a stimulating environment with close contact with humans and other animals creates a well adjusted, happy, trainable dog.  A lack of socialization leads to a puppy that is fearful of human contact, new places, and new sounds. 

    Our dogs are equally at ease in the living room as they are in the farmyard.  Daily exposure to children, visitors, other animals, power tools, and an active lifestyle have taught the dogs to be at ease in any situation. Our puppies are raised similarly and will be prepared for life with their new family and whatever situation that may bring.   From a young age, the puppies are around other animals, young children and every noise, smell, and sight that those entail.  An Early Neurological Stimulation program is utilized immediately, and age appropriate activities that challenge and stimulate the puppies are planned for each stage of development. This creates a well rounded dog that is prepared for new situations and will be able to remain calm and poised.  

    Our mission is to produce the healthiest puppies possible.  Our litters are purebred puppies that come from AKC registered parents.  The dogs are fed a high quality, grain free diet to ensure their nutritional needs are met.  Our litters are extensively researched before breeding takes place.  Adults are not bred until they have been deemed to be healthy and free of genetic defect.  The hope is to reduce the incidence of genetic disease through responsible breeding.  Each parent has been proven to be free of six diseases common to the Labrador population and has their DNA on file with the AKC.  Our dogs are chosen based on their temperaments, the temperaments of their parents, and their health histories.  

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