Our Property

Our Labrador puppies are raised on our 2 acre property located in Olympia, Washington.  We are located an hour south of Seattle and two hours north of Portland.  Our Labrador puppies are part of our family until they become a part of your family.   The goal is to produce balanced, adaptable, and intelligent dogs that fit into any lifestyle.

Whelping Room - dedicated to Amanda

Our puppy barn has two separate whelping/birthing area available as well as 24 hour surveillance cameras.  We are present for each birth.  After the puppies are whelped, a box is set up for the puppies to spend their first few weeks under the supervision of their mother, G and Cindy.  Once the litter is able to crawl in and out of the box, the box is removed and they are allowed to roam freely in the barn and explore.  Separate sleep, play, and potty areas are set up for the litter.  The room has access to the outdoor puppy yard.

Indoor Puppy Setup

Indoor Puppy Setup

At approximately three/four weeks of age the doggie door is opened (weather/temperature permitting) and the litter can move freely between our outdoor enclosure and their puppy room.  Behavioral enrichment through play is tremendously important, and we go to great lengths to ensure these opportunities are created.  We incorporate logs, ladders, slides, stairs, platforms, balance beams and any other items we think may be helpful.